Fantastico: Being a good loser made a big impact


Hey Folks,

Namaste…..I like to take you back in November, 2009. Always, I taught to be a winner and my grandfather taught me that there is only one rule of being a winner- never fucking lose! So, I always tried to make an impact on everything and yes everything I do and I did. Let me take you to the incident back in November 2009, which opened my eyes to a different perspective through an experience. Sometimes it’s not important to win big but to lose a little make you a winner too.


Feeling Fantastico on the run

I was organizing a cleaning campaign with World Wildlife Federation (WWF) at Khajjiyaar, Chamba, Himachal Pradesh. The locality was familiar and friendly so I made some local friends; also I met with an Israeli couple. We discuss many things together and they showed me some advanced way to make environment cleaner we hadn’t tried in India by the time. He shows me his camera and taught me its functioning. I was feeling fantastic to meet with new people and learning new things as well.

Israeli Impact


Yes, the couple had a deep impact on me, the entire night I was thinking about. They were friendly and both had served Army routine in their country, which is mandatory in Israel- For men it is three years and for women it is two years. They were tall, good looking, and most importantly reliable. So I took a leap and asked them to join me for a jungle trail next morning. They think for a while and said yes.

Peppy…wasn’t she!


We started our trail early morning by 5:30; it was cold in the month of November near Dalhousie. We drink tea at local stall and start moving toward the cliff. The wild route was dark and shady. The girl was peppy and keeps talking anything, believe me it was anything. I was happy and heading toward the hike destination.


Unfortunately, I do not have any picture as I lost the camera, but I have only picture that I’ve posted on Facebook as my cover page on the way to the hill trail.

Music on the way


Music like always I prefer while travelling. My phone was full of alternative rock music and some of the latest sensational hits of 2009. The couple also shared Israeli music with me so did I. The entire journey seems joyous and adventures. We had great shots in my Canon SLR with the serene beauty of the nature. It was 12:00 PM at the day we’ve crossed the half way. We were happy that we can set a camp near the cliff by early 6:00PM so that we can also arrange logs and water. Everything was going cool with high rock music while we heading on the way.

Lost the navigation map

We had navigation map on paper and we‘re following it strictly. Suddenly, from the shrubs a leopard appeared. He jumped on the Israeli man and throws his 10 meters apart. My mind got struck and the girl was shouting. He was so quick and it happens with a wake of wink. I ran toward the girl and we both got the guy. Leopard disappeared and we took him down to the hospital- the fact he broke his backbone and has many scratches on his entire body.


We left our things at the spot as we’ve to carry big Israeli guy down to the treatment. I loved my camera, it was costly too. But we saved a life- I took it as a print on the mind canvas and this will never get fade away. At, last we lost things, navigation map, bags and most importantly my CAM but, we just somebody to win his life fight. That’s how I become a good looser.

Feeling fantastico….falling far away on high impact with peppy girl and music I become a loser, but a good one. Local people helped us in navigation to stroll down the hill we were trying to climb. I think, it was important to bring him down rather than climbing up on the cliff. He called me in December, 2010. He is fine and was on wheelchair but blessed enough to see the LIFE.

<p>This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.


As always, I would like to know your thoughts and opinions.

Sometimes it’s good to be a good loser.


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