Fernweh: Swim with Swan and Sing with The Amazon

Fernweh: And I would go  in deep forest and hike high on the mountains, swim with the swans and sing with orange winged Amazon.

Craving for speed and carving with speed is just the two perspectives of the same situation that’s what a man who is craving for speedy Internet browsing will crave and craft beautiful creative ideas into practical actions. Being a witness of this major transition in the tech-shift that is shaping human modern life with ease and timely.

I would go around the world and will discover interesting people, culture, places and many more experiences. I will rectify what places are worth spending time and money, will explore those place one by one, will blog about everything and yes everything. But, before I leave on a long journey, I will collect information, will ,make a list and a map, of-course I will fix a timeline for each destination.

F E R N W E H- rajatchauhan

Here I admire of being a part of this major technology shift, everything is moving with the speed of Internet. There is nothing that I can’t find using the Internet e.g we can find any of thing we needed, can fix our tours, food, lodging, and run any business online, which means you can earn and grow your life-that’s another concern, not even everybody wants it or nor its everybody cup of tea, if you know what I mean to say.

You can start learning anything you find interesting on the Internet that’s how power of technology is creating a new model for human being.  On the other side obsession of Internet is not good for health and for your mental balance ultimately experience is what counts in the end. Nature is beautiful and you can learn real experience when you feel it by yourself.

With the Bharti Airtel announcement of 4G in Indiahttp://www.airtel.in/4g/ , I love to go ballistic and here I am waiting for my 4G connection as its earlier services has been phenomenal in the past.  I had some plans like some Netflix and HBO series to download so that I can enjoy watching them in leisure time. There are a dozen of movies to watch. Of-course, there are other plans as well.

Utopian dreams- you cannot achieve by just sleeping, and there are those dreams which never let you sleep or you just can stop thinking about that. Fernweh is your need like you need breath for living, you need travel to live more. As much as I understand lifer it is a journey of many traveling full of experiences, sweet and high above,  sour-salty and down-below.

Dedicated to one and only the #FERNWEH.

As always, I love to know your thoughts and comments.